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                                WHAT'S NEW?

What’s new? Oh my gosh! What isn’t? So much has happened in the last year. The most exciting thing was to get five publishing offers for Cat-astrophic. I chose The Wild Rose Press because they produce both ebooks and paperback. They have been wonderful to work with and I’ve learned so much about the editing/publishing process. I was paired with Editor Dianne Rich—she’s amazing. Since signing with them in July of 2022, they now have three of my books in the publishing process. Cat-Astrophic is the first book in “The Cat With Nine Lives” series. Book two is Cat-Atonic and has just been released October 31st, 2023! 


Cat-Astrophic, Cat-Atonic and Walk-ins Welcome are available now in paperback and e-book!  


You may order all of my books right here on my website! Simply go to the “Books” page where you can read about each book and simply tap the

“Buy Now” button under the book of your choice!


What I’m currently working on: 

I’m editing the third book in “The Cat With Nine Lives” series, Tom-Cat. A tomcat is a male cat that woos many females, including his possible twin sister.

Had Cat and Tom been separated twins and each adopted by different families? Did Tom woo Cat so she could be kidnapped? This story is a doozy and takes place in Oregon, Michigan, and Montana. Are Cat and Nick reunited? You’ll have to read it to find out!


I’m also working on the second draft of 4EAEA, the Walk-ins Welcome sequel. Will Henry find love again with an unlikely girl? Alison gave him a second chance, so perhaps he could do the same. I don’t want to spill the beans on this one, but it’s another doozy!


I’m writing an unnamed paranormal story that begins during the Russian Revolution. The story spans the revolution, prohibition, and the depression - a riches to rags and back to riches story.


The Wild Rose Press is encouraging their current young adult writers to submit a synopsis for a haunted high school series. I’m thinking of all the fun possibilities—a match-making ghost might be fun! I’ll keep you posted

                       And Now For The Big Reveal!

      Walk-Ins Welcome won a very prestigious award!



Hello Sue C. Dugan

We are proud to announce that your book "WALK-INS WELCOME" has been selected as a winner of the 2024 PenCraft Seasonal Book Award Winter Competition. We hope this award inspires you to keep writing and helps you reach new heights in your career. The PenCraft Seasonal Book Awards recognizes books of remarkable literary quality, artistic excellence, and popularity with its readers. "WALK-INS WELCOME" exemplified these criteria as a winner in the Fiction - Chick Lit genre. We hope receiving this award will contribute to your ongoing writing success.


















And There's Even more good news! 

SOS: my first BOOK in the land, sea, and air series, received the gertrude Warner, 1st place award from chanticleer this past spring! 

I couldn't be more grateful!

Please check it out on my books page!

 now available on amazon!  

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