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This is Jotty's story. Jotty is a fiercely independent girl about to turn 18 and has decisions to make. Her refuge is the mountain that looks down on their trailer and the small town of Sagebrush, Nevada. Jotty has been escaping to her mountain haven whenever things got rough and they're rough right now. Right now her stepfather has lost his job and is wrecking havoc on their small family. Jotty needs to decide to finish high school or quit and get a job to help her mother. But the new principal has other ideas and she and Jotty are on a collision course .



Sixteen-year-old Annie Montague has another chance at living a normal life after a tragic car accident paralyzes her and kills her best friend. A new, never-before-done-in-the-US operation involves graphing her head on another woman’s body.

Annie is willing to try anything to leave the mundane confides of her hospital room where she either stares at the ceiling, the hallway, or the floor tiles. She doesn’t feel anything from the neck down, but her memories remind her of everything she’s left behind.


This risky operation could mean death or a new life with varying side-effects. Side effects that could erase Annie’s memories, alter her hormones, and make her into an entirely different person. Is she willing to risk this for a chance to walk again? A chance to graduate from high school? Have a boyfriend? Or be independent? 

Suppressed, Annie’s story, will appeal to listeners who like characters with monumental obstacles, plot twists and turns, and unexpected endings.




Nick, a popular and well-liked high school junior, is looking forward to another outstanding year, coasting toward graduation and a stellar football career like his dad. This all changes when a new girl, Cat, enrolls in school and says they were once boyfriend and girlfriend-years ago! But worse still, Nick begins remembering WWII and a boy named Jean Claude, who, while enrolled in a military academy in a small French town, was in love with a gypsy girl, Chaton. Nick's perfect life begins to unravel bit by bit. And he's starting to be attracted to Cat, much to the disbelief and anger of his class-president girlfriend, Emily. In one short moment, Cat has turned his life into a catastrophe.

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            WALK-INS WELCOME



Adult education teacher, Alison Larkin has a second chance at love after her husband is killed in a car accident. Her new love interest comes in the form of a 20-year student called HB, whose reputation as a bad boy and poor student has everyone questioning her attraction to him. Alison finds him to be nothing like his reputation as a drug-dealer and trouble maker. Although HB has few high school credits to his name, he is flying through the coursework in adult education. Alison learns she and HB share a memory of a dramatic rescue at a local amusement park. HB has a secret he has yet to discover, but when he does, he must convince Alison to give him another chance at love.


Sixteen-year-old Nick Dupont has reincarnated memories inhabiting his mind from past lives. Nick is released from the hospital after heart surgery in a deep catatonic depression, and a new soul seems to be sharing his memories. He would like a way to banish him from his mind. Catherine Anne Thomlinson (Cat) knows she's reincarnated and is part of Nick's memories and he's part of hers. But even Nick's girlfriend Emily can't change the dreams and visions Nick begins having about a civil war soldier named Jonathan. And worse still, Cat says she's returning to Laketon and wants to see him.

S  O  S

Land, SEA. and Air Series 


Thirteen-year-old Brandon, Amy, and their family are on a cruise to Bermuda when hurricane-force winds sink their ship. Brandon and his six-year-old sister are adrift at sea until an evacuee ship fleeing from war-torn Europe during WWll finds them.

They seem to have gone back in time!


Eleanor—a beautiful girl escaping London's chaos and destruction, joins Brandon and Amy. While one ship sinking is terrible enough, they are rescued by none other than the Titanic! Bad luck seems to follow them everywhere as they travel back in time. Will they ever return to the present day?


They must rely on each other and their wits to find dry land and home. 

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